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The company was founded in 1969 by Vittorio Saturday in the old premises in Via Francavilla 40 and in 1990 moved to its present location in Via Francavilla n.1.
The company's strength partly from the old sector, which is the raw material, with ribbed iron for a.c. and merchant bars used largely by blacksmiths, cements and derivatives, bricks, wood, bitumen and thermal and sound insulating sheaths for roofs and walls, we provide both retail businesses in large quantities. The seriousness and fairness in the sales price distinguishes our firm for more than 40 years continues to improve and invest for its prestige, to give a more complete and immediate service.
The means available to the company allow delivery of materials throughout the island and beyond, the crane service (the company owns 2 different sizes) solves the problem of distance and heavy discharge in the workplace.
The company is spread over an area of 18,000 square meters. with warehouses, retail, offices and a large show room for about 5,000 square meters. and it is equipped with a large parking for customers.
The management and the company's management is entrusted, in addition to the holder Sig.Vittorio Saturday, to family members who together have always pursued the goal of improving the company.
The local extension allows the company to market many products of different brands to meet the needs of customers, our motto is "by Vittorio Saturday you will find everything to build everything."